Beautiful in its Time

With excitement he looked forward to the results of the Common Entrance Examination he had written to one of the best secondary schools you could find back then in Bendel State in this small town called Ekpoma. Excelling was not the issue at all because he came out in flying colours but was faced with a challenge – the school had no boarding facility at the time and he lived miles away. Well, he had to opt for another school some where else that had a boarding facility.

Some years later,he came back to that same little town on several occasions when they had to pick up his mum who was attending a nursing course at the time.

All this happened in that little town,the place where all my fondest childhood memories lie,the place I called home and the “he” is the man I call husband today. Isn’t it amazing that he may have walked past me,stood beside me those times he had come around but didn’t know he was standing side by side with the one who would complete the story of his “forever”. Little did he know that this town he had visited so often as a little boy was home to the woman he would call wife some day and mother of his children. We didn’t need to know those years cos it wasn’t “time”.

There’s something called the fullness of time! When it comes,that which you have been waiting for even for years will suddenly gravitate towards you unhindered! That person you may just be seeing every day, even the least person you take note of could one day turn out to be the key to unlocking your dream job,your career,your future home or what ever it may be. Keep the faith! Don’t stop believing. Though it tarry, it will come to pass.

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