Proof Reading and Editing

“Don’t ask me to proofread my own writings. I always end up seeing what I thought I wrote.” —Author unknown
That’s why meekaywrites is all out to be the extra pair of eyes that you need!
Wondering how to proof read/edit your:
➡Project work? We’ll take that weight off your shoulders.
➡Term paper?We’ll cross the t’s and dot the i’s
➡An article for your website or blog? Yes it can be error free!
➡Your book? Good to hit the press when we’re done.
➡And your daily posts on social media are not left out either!
We’ve got you covered!

To get started:
Send an Email to

You are just a click away from that extra pair of eyes you need.

Ghost Writing
A ghost writer is hired to write literary works that are credited to someone else.
So, when you have an idea, or a story burning inside you but have no space between the ticking of the clock to birth it on paper, no! You don’t have to let it stay unwritten and unpublished. Meekaywrites’s got you covered. We write it, you take all the credit and we both smile to the bank.

Script writing
Your audience will either get bored and flip away from that show or stay hooked till the very last line of the end credit. Let your scripts decide! With meekaywrites, we hand you scripts that translate to captivating TV and Radio content.

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  • Dennis Aiguedowan
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    Amazing services. I’m wishing you all the best.

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